We are fascinated by the Azores islands and we believe you can be, too! We want to offer all Tangueros of the world the opportunity to live a unique and unforgettable experience, a Tango adventure on paradise!

The Youth and Arts Academy of Terceira Island will welcome you for four days and let you experience the warmest and happiest embraces in the world! Designed for all ages, traditional and not traditional, and queer and double role friendly, Azores Tango Marathon will be the event for Tango lovers. Four excellent tango DJs will play music for 35 hours in 6 milongas.
We want this event to reflect the freedom and relaxed atmosphere of the island. And everyone will have the possibility to get to know these landscapes: walking through the green meadows, descending to the bottom of a volcano or diving into the deep blue sea full of cetaceans.


Our promotional video